Nicaragua Nicaragua Granada, Nicaragua 1 A horse and cart in the dusty market area of Granada 65710338 Granada, Nicaragua 6 A colourful alfresco restaurant on Calle Calzada, Granada 65710339 Granada, Nicaragua 7 A colourful building on Calle Calzada, Granada 65710340 Granada, Nicaragua 8 The colourful Calle Calzada street in Granada, 65710341 Isla Ometepe, Nicaragua Cows amble through the streets on Isla Ometepe 65710342 Leon, Nicaragua 1 Cathedral in Leon 65710343 Leon, Nicaragua 2 A view of the cathedral and Parque Central, Leon 65710344 Leon, Nicaragua 3 Street murals in Leon 65710345 Leon, Nicaragua 4 Street murals in Leon 65710346 Leon, Nicaragua 5 Street scape of Leon 65710347 Leon, Nicaragua 6 Mural of legendary Nicaraguan national icon Antonio Sandino 65710348 Leon, Nicaragua 7 Street murals in Leon 65710349 Leon, Nicaragua 8 Iglesia la Recolección church, Leon 65710350 Leon, Nicaragua 9 Iglesia la Recolección church, Leon 65710351 Volcano boarding, Nicaragua 1 Advert for Volcano Boarding at Bigfoot Hostel, Leon 65710352 Volcano boarding, Nicaragua 2 Cerro Negro volcano looms in the background 65710353 Volcano boarding, Nicaragua 3 Tourists prepare to climb - and board down - Cerro Negro 65710354